Step 1
Become Newton community node
Only a Newton community node (minimum locked amount: 10,000,000 NEW) can develop DApp for Newton.
Step 2
NewID Login
Use NewPay scan QR code to log into
Step 3
DApp/DWeb application info and developer info
Newton DApp ecosystem supports iOS, Andriod, Web, and HTML5(NewDApp) platforms.
Step 4
Upload Public Key
You can use HEP-tools to generate the publickey.
Step 5
Get your AppID, AppKey, and AppSecret in DApp Settings.
Download NewPay-SDK and read documentation in DApp Settings.
Step 6
Submit your DApp/DWeb
Please provide DApp/DWeb access URL.
Step 7
Operation fee
Checkout your NEW operation address and balance.
Transfer operation fee to your NEW operation address.
Step 8
Reveiw policy
DApp will be shut down if any irregular content or behavior is found.