Newton Developer Community is dedicated to building a fruitful Newton Community Economy Ecosystem.
Hyper Exchange Protocol
Newton's technology framework consists of three layers: the basic technology layer, the hyper exchange protocol layer, and the application layer. The basic technology layer includes NewChain, NewNET, Atom Hashing, NewIoT and NewAI; the hyper exchange protocol layer includes digital identity and credit, supply chain, digital marketing, transactions and payments, trusted physical channels, supply chain and NNIO, etc. The application layer includes wallets, retail, logistics, finance and insurance. We are developing a series of basic technologies to support the hyper exchange protocol, which is the basic commercial protocol cluster supporting upper-layer application operations.
All Newton’s products will be on NewChain-TestNet first for public testing before official launching. On NewChain-TestNet, you can experience all new features of the products, and give us feedback and suggestions to help us do better. We will consider all feedback and suggestions carefully to improve our products. Thank you for the participation.
Our code is partly open-sourced. It will be fully open-sourced by the end of 2019. We welcome Pull Requests and Issues from all developers to build Newton together. Developers with outstanding contributions will be given rewards by Newton foundation.
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The Technical Documentation provides developers with a comprehensive development guide. It includes building an DApp for Newton, accessing to exchange, and other technical developments. Development tools, API documentation, and example codes help readers to quickly start participating in the construction of Newton’s Community Economy Infrastructures.